Marcia’s Customer Testimonials

“You guys are so great!!! Thank you for bringing this happiness to our families and for helping us raise our kids with this touching sense to music and dance. I applaude you - teachers at Marcia's School of Dance!”

“Thanks for being such a great part of our lives for so many years. You've been around 50 years and I have been around for 1/2 of them. Looking forward to all the years to come! Juliana, excellent job on the hip hop numbers. This was my favorite year to watch those dances!”

“I just wanted to say that Jada had so much fun doing the show and I am very glad she's in dance class! And your daughter, I think she was there, Jada said omg, she is the nicest person ever! Very nice! And Marcia and you looked very nice also! That was so much fun! And Marcia's mom is really nice too! She looked so proud.”

“Hi there...thanks to you for a wonderful show!! I loved the girl's jazz number!! And Amanda's first ballet was beautiful!!!”

“Me and my husband loved every single moment of the show. It continues in our house today, Margaret is still in her costume.”

“Wonderful to work with you, Marcia, and everyone else again!! All anyone has to do is watch your family for one minute to see that you have something very special. I believe the success of the studio comes from that love and your commitment to excellence - not only in performing, but also in everything associated with your organization.”

“Great show (again). We really enjoyed it.”

“Great show as ALWAYS!!!!!”

“Great show! We really enjoy it and so do the girls!”