Dance Classes

Marcia's School of Dance provides a well-disciplined, compassionate, and supportive dance studio atmosphere, giving personal attention to each student at every level. Dance classes are taught based on a graded system, which allows for gradual progress necessary for proper advancement. Our instructors work tirelessly to ensure that your child is receiving the optimal dance education for their level!

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What do we teach in our Dance Studio?

Our dance studio proudly offers instruction in multiple styles of dance, as well as specific dance classes for kids, dance classes for teens, and dance classes for adults, including…


Tykestime-Dance Classes for Toddlers

Has your little one always dreamed of being a dancer? Do they have an endless stream of energy that keeps them moving and bouncing on the furniture, off the walls, and around the house? For your dancer in the making, Tykestime is right for you! Our dance classes for kids offer an incredible way for toddlers to learn structure and discipline, meet and interact with other children, stay physically active and fit, learn the beautiful art of dance, and most importantly, have fun!

Pre-Dance N'Rhythm

Young Girl in Tutu in Dance Class for Kids

Teach your little ones the basics of rhythm, movement, and dance in our Pre-Dance N’ Rhythm dance class for kids! Designed for the 4-year-old in your life full of excitement about the wonderful art of dance, Pre-Dance N’ Rhythm is a wonderful foundational course, teaching your little one the very basics of dance, as well of discipline, dedication, and creative expression!


Five Young Girls in Punk Dance Outfits

Catering to our younger aspiring dancers (ages 5 to 7), our combination tap dance and ballet class offers an unmatched foundational learning experience for developing young dancers. In Ballet/Tap, our students receive specialized attention and education from our amazing dance studio staff, preparing them with the skill and technique they will need to continue on their dance journey! Whether students decide to continue toward a ballet, tap dance, or both, they will have all of the tools and, most importantly, confidence they will need to succeed!

Ballet Class

Five Ballerinas in White Outfits Stretching in Ballet Class

Begin your child’s journey into the graceful art of ballet in earnest with advancing instruction and technique! Specifically designed for students ages 8 to 12, our ballet class builds seamlessly upon the foundations laid in Ballet/Tap. Your developing dancer will continue to learn to employ the formalized steps and gestures of the art form, creating delicate, flowing patterns to create expression and tell stories through movement.

Ballet Technique

Five Ballerinas Develop Ballet Technique in an Advanced Ballet Class

Ballet technique is the technique-exclusive youth ballet class offering at our dance studio, tailoring education solely around improving technique. Providing advanced education to ballet dancers ages 12 and up, ballet technique puts extensive effort and education toward the mastery of correct body placement and form. This class allows for students to truly learn the value of precision and grace in every movement in order to tell a story and establish an emotional atmosphere.


Offering Pointe Ballet Class for Teens & Adults

Elegant, weightless, floating on air – these words and so many more describe the unmatched beauty and unrivaled grace of pointe! The pointe technique describes the classical ballet technique in which the dancer supports the entirety of their bodyweight on the tips of fully extended feet using specially designed pointe shoes. This advanced ballet class is reserved for experienced ballet dancers to ensure the health and safety of our students.

Tap Dance

Tap Dance Classes for Kids & Adults

Follow in the precise, percussive footsteps of legends like Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Michelle Dorrance, Gregory Hines, and so many more when you learn the high-energy art form of tap dance! Our dance studio students will learn to master the sharp, precise movements required to produce a clear “TAP” and to excel in the art of lively, rhythmic tapping, transforming them into another instrument in the orchestra, becoming both dancer and musician!

Jazz Dance

Learn Jazz Dance Essentials in our Dance Classes

If you’ve seen the magic of musical theater live or enjoyed incredible displays of dancing prowess on television shows like “So You Think You Can Dance?”, then you have likely been wowed by the wondrous displays of Jazz Dance. Characterized by strong sharp movements punctuated with dramatic jumps and turns, Jazz Dance is a classically American style of dance that simply refused to be pinned down. Students in our jazz dance class can expect to learn a little bit of everything in this extremely interdisciplinary style!

Polynesian Dance

Learn the Cultural Art of Polynesian Dance

Encompassing the gorgeous cultural expressions of the Tahitian, Tongan, Samoan, Fijian, Maori, and Hawaiian peoples, Polynesian dance is a flowing, smooth, and graceful form of storytelling through motion. Polynesian dance is instantly recognizable thanks to mesmerizingly beautiful costumes and disciplined, passionate movements. Our dance studio is immensely proud to offer an education into this exploration of personal expression!

Modern Dance

Modern Dance Technique Taught by Experts

Modern Dance focuses on the dancer’s interpretation of the emotions in the music, following freeform steps that reject the tradition and structure of ballet technique. Encouraging the performer to use their emotions, moods, and body movements to create new, innovative steps that tell their story, modern dance is an ideal choice for the young, aspiring dancer with overflowing creative energy, as well as teens and adults looking for a creative outlet!

Our Classes

Dance GenresAge (before 9/1)
Pre-Dance N’ Rhythm4
Ballet Class8-12
Ballet Technique12 and up
Tap Dance8-12
Jazz Dance8-12
Polynesian Dance8 and up
Modern Dance8 and up
Teens and Adults
Ballet ClassJazz Dance
Ballet TechniqueModern Dance
PointePolynesian Dance
Tap Dance
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  • “I just wanted to say that Jada had so much fun doing the show and I am very glad she's in dance class! And your daughter, I think she was there, Jada said omg, she is the nicest person ever! Very nice! And Marcia and you looked very nice also! That was so much fun! And Marcia's mom is really nice too! She looked so proud.”