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Here Comes The Circus

Marcia's School of Dance Presents: Here Comes The Circus

Marcia's School of Dance, in Appleton (Fox Cities), fosters educational, physical and personal growth of their dance students by providing the finest dance training available. Dance classes offered include Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Polynesian, Modern for kids, teens, and adults. Dance classes offered for children as young as three.

More than dancing!

Dance training provides an emotional "safety valve" by giving the student means of self expression through a healthy outlet. The rewards are many for the student willing to practice and enjoy.

The mission of Marcia’s School of Dance, LLC is to provide a local center for the teaching of dance, staffed by competent and experienced teachers. We are dedicated to the fulfillment of the students as a graceful and self-reliant human being.

Why people come to Marcia's School of Dance:
  • Young Children
  • Interact with other children
  • Appreciate music and dance
  • They're dancing on the furniture at home
  • Structure and Discipline

  • Teens
  • School Dances
  • To join dance and drill teams
  • Become comfortable on stage
  • Something to do with friends

  • Adults
  • A night out
  • Exercise
  • Stress Free Time
  • "My" Time